Parlez vous Vave

Vave Studios is the brainchild of Jessica de Roo van Alderwerel and Patrice Veyna. The name is a made up French word taken from their last names. Their shop is the epitome of cool, hip, French, rustic and most importantly comfort. Jessica and Patrice specialize in flowers for every occasion, but their shop is so much more. It’s a haven where one is instantly inspired by their creative spirit. Both woman have a knack for creating space that is functional and artistic at the same time. They conduct workshops and are involved in the community with their new community board  as a way to communicate locally. Jessica and Patrice have recently moved their studio from Mission street. They have taken over an old dry cleaners creating one of the best new spaces in South Pasadena.




Your inspiration: Where does it come from?

JDe: My inspiration comes from everywhere–mostly landscapes and sometimes fashion. I love to travel so I like to envision scenes in different places around the world…like having afternoon tea in London, perusing an outdoor asian spice market, or sending a letter to my lover during a winter holiday in Paris. What season am I in? What am I wearing? what do I have with me? what am I buying? These scenarios help me decide what belongs and what doesn’t belong in a design. In an asian spice market, It’d be warm and sticky out so spring or summer, I would be wearing brown leather sandals and loose cotton pants, a sunhat and glasses and a woven tote…in which I would be carrying exotic flowers–brown orange orchids, green helebores, ti leaves, wrapped in newspaper…I’d also have some chilies and bay leaves and i’d be buying some green tea ice cream. So this helps me pull out my color palate…brown, brownish orange, ivory, muted green, deep green,  minty green, white. Yellow and pink could be added but in this scenario, I’m trying to keep it earthy. I try to take in as much beauty as I can from the world and hope it comes through. IMG_0158.JPG

PV: I love the wild untamed look that you find out in nature. I believe bringing that style and look into everyones homes connects to the beauty of mother nature.

What design book that you own is the most worn and tattered? What page is earmarked?

JDe: I don’t really have any design books, I get most of my inspiration from mother nature. IMG_0170.JPG

PV: I don’t really have any design books, I do a lot of scrolling through pinterest, looking at nature and paintings of nature.

What smells in the shop get you the most fired up?

JG: It’s a funny question because I am asked this a lot and to be honest I have become mostly immune to the smells in the shop because it’s my every day. I took a perfume class a few years ago downtown–in Chinatown. And I really wanted to make a scent that embodied the smell of our floors after a big day of processing flowers–It’s a really spicy smell of crushed leaves and stems.

PV: I love the smell of stock and Patience Garden Roses. When I work with these two flowers I just keep smelling them over and over again… Any anxiety I could have form a busy week is diminished with the smell of these flowers 🙂

How do you take your coffee? Favorite places for coffee?IMG_0240.JPG

JDe: Black and on my deck at home with my dogs. I actually love instant coffee or if my husband makes me drip coffee (I just can’t ever get it right) I like that too…no particular brand, just whatever he makes.

PV: I wish I drank coffee… The only time i loved coffee was when I studied abroad in Italy… I would drink expresso every day there. When I came home nothing ever could compare.

What are you reading right now for fun?

JDe: Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. I’m a sci-fi/ fantasy/end-of-the-world kinda gal.

PV: Bed time stories to Logan ahahha then I fall asleep with him.

What irritates you the most?

JDe: When people call women “girls”. There are many indications to help people decide who is a woman and who is a girl, most people just choose not to make the effort. Or worse– they purposefully demean women by calling them girls. That really irritates me!

PV: When women do not lift each other up. IMG_0237.JPG

What is your favorite pair of work shoes.

JDe: I don’t believe in work shoes! I wear my Sam Edleman boots almost every day. I’m pretty short but everyone thinks I’m tall because my boots are a part of me. 

PV: My sneakers… If i wear any other shoes my back is done by the end of the day.

Ideal day off?

JDe: Sleep in until 8, take my coffee on the deck, read a bit, fall back asleep for an hour, walk the dogs, maybe drive out to Malibu for a hike and hit up some roadside frutas stand for a coconut or some fruit with chili and lime and eat it on the beach, play in the water and then fall asleep on the sand until it gets cold.

PV: Wake up with my Husband and Logan. Have breakfast all together drive, out to our best friends and have a day at their pool. All cook together and laugh & talk over dinner.

What is something new you are creating in the flower shop right now?

JDe: A community board! And some spell cards to go in our witchy corner. IMG_0159.JPG

PV: A community board! And some spell cards to go in our witchy corner.

What is the hardest part of owning your own business?

JDe: Work-life balance. I am so passionate and dependent and excited about work that I have a tendency to allow it to take over my life without me noticing it.

PV: No boss to go to because we are the boss hahah

What is the most rewarding?

JDe: I love seeing ideas come to life. Whether it’s our reinvention an old dry cleaning building into our studio or a design for an event, it can be really stimulating.


PV: Seeing our business grow and how we can touch so many lives with our Art.


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