Tattoo You


Shannon LaBaw has been tattooing for the last 25 years in a profession primarily dominated by men. She created a niche for herself when she discovered that girlfriends and wives of tattooed men wanted a tattoo for themselves but something a little more delicate and pretty. She specializes in extreme detail and uses a broad palate of colors to create beautiful art in the form of a tattoo. Shannon is an artist first and foremost.  Her work will be shown starting June 3rd at Art Share LA in the Perimeter Gallery at 801 E. 4th Place in the heart of the new DTLA Arts District. Her art can be seen for a month at  Art Share LA.

Your inspiration: Where does it come from?IMG_9803.JPG

SL: My inspiration comes from EVERYTHING.

What artbook that you own is the most worn and tattered? What page is earmarked?SL:

My most-used artbook is called Beautiful Women. A friend got me this book of gorgeous traditional Chinese paintings at The Great Wall.

What tattoo artist influenced you the most when you started tattooing?IMG_9806.JPG

SL: Filip Leu

How do you take your coffee? Favorite places for coffee?

SL: Coffee with cream and brown sugar. Frontier cafe in Yucca Valley and anywhere in New Mexico!

What are you reading right now for fun?

SL: Dune. Again.

What irritates you the most?

SL: Being rushed or late, being unprepared.

What is your favorite color combinations that you like for a tattoo?IMG_9825.JPG

SL: Teal, olive, gold.

Ideal day off?IMG_9832.JPG

SL: My ideal day off is any 4 in a row!

What is something new you are creating right now?

SL: A series of paintings entitled “Monarchia”

What is most rewarding about being a tattoo artist?

SL: The most rewarding thing about tattooing is being with and collaborating with the people, making them happy!

If you had a different profession what would it be and why?

SL: I would be an architect or an interior designer , singing and dancing on the side! I like to move around and play outside more than i can as a Tattooer.


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